Our Services

Renaud Consulting offers a wide range of services tailored to each of our clients needs. RC offers the following services on an a la carte basis, including leasing, property management, investment sales, commercial development and construction management, capital procurement, legal and consulting services.


Commercial leasing services, with an emphasis on retail leasing throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Custom-tailored leasing strategy developed for each property. Hands-on approach to leasing with a focus on face-to-face meetings and creative thinking designed to eliminate any and all impediments to deal consummation. Fast response and attention to detail are uncompromised.

Property Management

Commercial asset and property management services designed to (1) maximize the value of the property, (2) keep owners well-informed of salient facts and details about their properties and (3) minimize problems and issues that may arise in the ordinary course of business. PM services are coordinated with Leasing Services, so as to implement an integrated investment plan for the property. Proactive efforts to prevent problems, coupled with prompt reactions to unexpected problems, leads to managerial success.

Investment Sales

Commercial real estate sales based upon an investment- grade underwriting of the subject property utilizing Argus software and other investment tools, presented through a detailed Offering Memorandum to key investors in the real estate community. Marketing strategy custom-tailored for each property and implemented by senior real estate professionals. Approach entails distilling property information down to its fundamental parts and simplifying the due diligence and negotiation process.


Commercial development and construction services designed to shepard a project from “cradle to grave” starting with feasibility and entitlements through construction completion. Coordinate and manage all contractors and consultants involved in a project so as to maximize productivity and minimize costs.

Construction Management

Construction Management Services include overseeing, managing and directing general contractors in performing the required scope of work, obtaining governmental permits and approvals, administering construction contracts and the like.

Capital Procurement

Procurement of equity capital for commercial real estate development and/or redevelopment using equity structures created in concert with a detailed underwriting of the project. Preferred equity and traditional JV structures (sometimes coupled with waterfall formulas designed to reward sponsors with promoted interests upon achievement of certain return thresholds) are utilized to make the transaction attractive to all parties.

Consulting Services

Provide advice and counsel to clients on a variety of issues pertaining to commercial real estate, often times combining business and legal advice together into one comprehensive recommended course of action. Various fees structures are implemented, including fixed fees, retainers and hourly rates.