Leasing - Tenant Representation

Leasing - Tenant Representation

At Renaud Consulting, we view Tenant advocacy as an art form, where a Tenant representative should strive to strike that perfect balance between zealously negotiating the best deal terms for his/her client while, at the same time, causing the Landlord and its representatives to believe that the deal is a good one for them. Pushing too hard can cause the deal to be lost, while not pushing hard enough can result in a sub-par deal for the Tenant. We, at Renaud Consulting, know how to strike that balance and deliver our clients the sites they want at the best deal terms possible.


Market analysis and site selection can be a daunting and time-consuming task for retailers. At Renaud Consulting, we "simplify the process" by providing our tenant clients with recommended sites based upon our years of experience in our surrounding trade areas, supported with market analysis of the demographic parameters our clients require.

"Doing Our Homework"

Market tours are actually enjoyable, as we maximize the productivity of each tour by "doing our homework" ahead of time and having key market information at our fingertips.

Negotiating The Best Deal

Once a site is selected, we assist our tenant clients with negotiating the lease proposal in a manner that creates a non-adversarial environment but, at the same time, leaves "nothing on the table". At the end of the negotiation, our tenant clients rest assured knowing that we got them the most favorable deal terms possible.

Due Diligence

Getting the deal approved, either by tenant committee or through an internal approval process, can be difficult and time consuming, so we oft times assist our clients in gathering and preparing due diligence materials to augment the presentation of their lease proposals for approval. Just tell us what we need, and we will help you put it together to get the deal done.

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Master Brokerage

Providing Tenant clients with a platform that will facilitate their growth not only locally, but across the country, is an integral part of our holistic approach to Tenant Representation. As a proud member of the RBN Retail Network, we provide Tenant clients with regional and national coverage for all of their targeted trade areas. Our RBN Retail Network has over 60 independent offices throughout the United States and Canada. As a master broker, we handle every transaction nationwide, but we have local “boots on the ground” assisting us with local market knowledge, logistics, and more. This approach provides our Tenant clients with one point of contact and consistency nationwide.