Joining RC Means Joining Our Team

At Renaud Consulting, we know that value of our company is our people. And we also know that when people work together to achieve a common goal, they can accomplish more together as a team that individually. It is the synergy and efficiency of the team approach that is the bedrock of the company’s approach to commercial real estate.

For example, unlike other brokerage companies where the brokers “eat what they kill” and work independently from one another, RC takes a team approach to brokerage. We have team meetings, work on properties as teams and share thought and ideas with each other on a regular (daily) basis. Our company culture promotes this team approach, based upon the theory that if the company as a whole does well, “all of our boats will rise with the tide”.

So, joining RC will be like joining a family. You will have the support of your colleagues in a positive environment where everybody wants to see everybody prosper, so we all help each other... and have some fun along the way!