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Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

The primary vehicle through which RC has grown its business over the years is “positive word of mouth”.  Many have said that there is no better form of advertisement than your existing clients telling their peers in the industry how they enjoy working with RC, and how they derive optimal results from doing so.  And in fact, prospective clients are oft times quite interested in the opinions of existing clients, as such opinions are assessments from a third parties that are actually contracting for services with RC, as opposed to a pure “sales pitch” designed to procure new business.  Accordingly, we have set forth below some testimonials from a sampling of our clients, so they can tell you in their own words what they think about working with Renaud Consulting.

Princeton Woods Shopping Center

"RC has been leasing and managing Princeton Woods Shopping Center for our family since 2009 and has kept it fully leased and looking good over the years.  Attention to detail and fast response time are a constant reminder of the professionalism of the RC team and the pride they take in their work.  In short, we know that whatever problem arises, RC will promptly address the problem and identify the best solution for us."

RC Service Provided: Providing a Holistic Approach  -- RC provides Property Owner with the formulation and implementation of a comprehensive investment strategy for the subject shopping center, including leasing, property management, legal services and consulting services for this property.

Harry Dematatis

Harry Dematatis

Senior Vice President at KLNB

Princeton Woods Shopping Center, Dumfries, VA

Potomac Mills Home & Auto Center


Leonard A. Sloan, Esq.

Partner at Friedlander Misler

Potomac Mills Home & Auto Center, Woodbridge, VA

“RC has provided us with consistent, first-class leasing and property management services for many years, so that we can have “piece of mind” that we are optimizing the value of our property through RC’s daily focus, extraordinary attention to detail and relentless follow up. Regardless of the time of year or time of day, RC is on the job, keeping watch over our property and keeping us well-informed about issues as they develop.”

RC Service Provided: RC provides leasing and property management services for the property owner.

Ridgeview Plaza Shopping Center

"RC’s agents and property managers are switched on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – always ready and available to handle a problem or make that final push to get a deal done.  RC’s advice and counsel is of great value to us, as it is steeped in rich experience in handling all aspects of owning commercial real estate, including leasing, property & construction management, financing and legal analysis.  In short, with RC we have a “right arm” that can handle the micro details of commercial real estate ownership, but, at the same time, understand the big picture, so as to assist us in optimizing our property value and investment returns."

RC Service Provided: RC provides the property owner with leasing services, property management services and construction management services.


Charlie Kehler

Principal at Altus Realty Partners

Ridgeview Plaza Shopping Center, Hanover, MD

Williamsburg Shopping Center

Warrenton Towne Centre

NickGrey Suit Red Tie Rotary Pin

Nicholas Kalis

President at Kalis Development Corporation

Williamsburg Shopping Center, Arlington, VA
Warrenton Towne Centre, Warrenton, VA

“We started our client relationship with RC back in 2010 and we continue to be impressed with the way in which RC simplifies the leasing process through detailed tenant underwriting and thorough LOI drafting. By properly vetting threshold issues up front, RC increases the probability that prospects will become tenants. I am a stickler for details, and RC knows how to satisfy my appetite and get the deal done.”

RC Service Provided: RC provides the property owner with leasing services for two shopping centers.

Quickway Japanese Hibachi

"Since 2012 (when I left Sarku Japan and started Quickway Hibachi as a brand new QSR chain), I have relied upon RC to procure restaurant sites for me and assist me in negotiating the best possible lease terms. And with RC’s high energy work ethic and good advice and counsel, I have grown the Quickway portfolio to over 30 stores in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area in the last 7 years, with plans to continue to grow and expand throughout the Mid-Atlantic region”. I know I can rely on RC to give me candid advice, based upon facts and experience, and not just tell me what I want to hear -- it is this trust that is our bond."

RC Service Provided: RC provides Tenant Representation services for the Tenant Client throughout Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC.

Bob Liang Photo #2

Bob Liang

Principal at Seikou Group, LLC

Quickway Japanese Hibachi

Coldstone Creamery

Neuman copy

Numaan Shah

Franchisee at Coldstone Creamery


“RC is more than just a broker who identifies potential site for me. Rather, RC is a trusted advisor and consultant who not only procures sites for my consideration, but assist me in evaluating the sites, negotiating the best possible terms of the deal, and getting the lease consummated. With this comprehensive assistance, I am enabled to make the best possible decisions in an effective and efficient manner.”

RC Service Provided: RC provides Tenant Representation services for the Tenant Client throughout Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.