Western Market

2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington,  20006

Quick Facts

Property Description

Western Market is a new culinary hub in the heart of Foggy Bottom. Surrounded by high profile organizations, corporate headquarters, cultural institutions, and at the doorstep of George Washington University, this revitalized historic property will be a D.C. destination for years to come. 

Site Highlights:

• 12,300 sq ft Revitalized Marketplace 

• 10 floors of Office Space above market 

• Major retail brand anchors including CVS and Chipotle 

• 300 On-site garage parking spaces 

• On-site Cold and Dry Storage 

• 100+ Outdoor seats on a fully redesigned patio 

• 250 interior seats 

• Pedestrian access at 4 entrances including direct access to Penn Ave and GW Quad


Western Market

2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington,  20006


43388 (1-Mile Radius)

399228 (3-Mile Radius)

798984 (5-Mile Radius)

Average Income

$180612 (1-Mile Radius)

$186568 (3-Mile Radius)

$190636 (5-Mile Radius)


369 SF

270 SF


Nick Alevrogiannis

Direct | 571-765-4419
Cell | 443-804-3933