Dennis Heironimus


Mr. Heironimus is our porter / handyman who provides supplemental “boots on the ground” capacity (in addition to our property managers’ weekly site visits), to further enhance the monitoring of the physical condition of our managed properties.  More specifically, Dennis does the following: (i) alerts RC Property Manager to issues that need maintenance and, in many instances, simply corrects them on site — these may include straightening up a sign that was pushed over or removing random trash that may be blowing in the parking lot; (ii) looks to see if the trash hauler is picking up on time and see if bags of tenant trash or community trash are strewn around in the rear of the center; (iii) helps identify future R&M needs, such as identifying caulking material that is crumbling or roof gutters or downspouts that have fallen and need prompt repair; and (iv) performs light maintenance & repair, such as painting, caulking, replacing light bulbs, etc..