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Breaking News: Renaud Consulting Forges New Affiliation with

Renaud Consulting is pleased to announce a new affiliation with, a platform that allows retail real estate professionals to gain advanced foot traffic analytic insights about any property. does this by monitoring over 30 million mobile devices, analyzing the visitation activity and presenting the data in a variety of formats, including heat maps and mapping based upon number of visits.

Tenant Representation:

With this helpful tool, Renaud Consulting is able to assist Tenant clients in understanding and analyzing potential sites in any particular trade area. Through, we are able to see visitation trends, current and past performance, and understand costumer appeal to a location. As a benchmark of comparison to sales forecasted by Tenant clients for a potential site, allows us to present rankings and other visitation information regarding existing tenants in the center. is also able to create customer journey reports that show top locations where customers are coming from (both prior to and after), thereby allowing tenant clients to analyze shopping patterns in trade area.

Landlord Representation: is not only useful for site selection for tenants, but is is also helpful in marketing available spaces for Landlords. By using, Renaud Consulting can show prospective tenants quantitative data about customer activity at a potential property. enables us to present shopping center rankings, void analysis, and visitation and retention information that help attract new tenants to the property.