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Property Management Team Continues To Grow!

Linh Robinson Joins Renaud Consulting.

Renaud Consulting is happy to announce the addition of Linh Robinson to the RC Property Management Team.  “Linh is a virtual vacuum for detail, as she relentlessly organizes tenant and vendor information, so that we can quickly and easily access important information the moment we need it.  She has great “bedside manner” with tenants, helping us to build relationships with our merchants that are mutually beneficial and based upon trust and respect.  In short, Linh makes sure our company train runs on time and stays on the track”, said Henry M. Renaud, President of Renaud Consulting.

Prior to joining Renaud Consulting in 2020, Ms. Robinson worked in property management at Starts International Hawaii Inc.. Linh obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance at the University of Hawaii in 2019 and speaks Vietnamese fluently.