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Renaud Consulting Development Services

Renaud Consulting has recently added a new third-party development service under the Renaud Development Group.

The Renaud Development Group provides third-party development services to clients on a fixed-fee basis, à la carte basis or in concurrence with property management services. Responsibilities of Renaud Consulting’s Construction Management Services include supervising and managing general contractors in obtaining governmental permits and approvals, issuing construction contracts, performing the permitted work and more.

The Wawa Development Program has been created as a partnership between The Renaud Development Group and Wawa. As a preferred developer for Wawa in the states of Maryland and Virginia, the Renaud Development Group’s responsibilities include obtaining the necessary governmental permits, approvals and entitlements; performing necessary site work to ready the land for construction and overseeing the scope of work. Additionally, the Renaud Development Group also aids the Wawa corporation as it enters into a long-term ground lease for a developed pad site and then constructs their prototypical Wawa gas station and convenience store on the pad site.

The Renaud Development Group also obtains and develops potential sites for Wawa with the help of Renaud Development Group’s trusted development partner ARCTRUST, a private real estate investment trust (REIT) that specializes in the development, acquisition, financing and joint-venture of net lease properties. The company’s locational focus ranges from the New York to the Washington D.C. corridor as well as Florida. The Renaud Development Group’s Wawa Development Program is further supported by the participation of Renaud Consulting’s marketing team as Renaud Consulting’s brokers study the marketplace identifying, and subsequently procuring, potential Wawa sites for development. Renaud Consulting’s brokers work closely with Renaud Development Group’s development team to find sites that fit Wawa’s parameters. Through this vertical integration, the partnership between the Renaud Development Group and Wawa can be enjoyed in the most efficient way. This enables the team to procure the best sites possible with their “quick and nimble” approach to acquisitions.

Renaud Consulting is excited to provide these new services in order to form lasting connections and seek exciting new opportunities within the real estate development industry. For more information on the services provided at Renaud Consulting, contact us today.