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at Renaud Consulting we especially take pride in our leasing services designed for landlords, as we have assembled a team of leasing professionals that bring clients a level of experience and energy that are unmatched in today's marketplace.
  • It's Who You Know: Renaud Consulting has built a network of tenant and broker contacts that produce fast and effective results for our landlord clients. Strong relationships with key people in the industry enable us to quickly get to the bottom line.
  • Nobody Does It Better: Given the deep experience of our team (mostly 20+ year veterans), we know how to overcome obstacles in deal making and keep the parties motivated and focused on deal consummation. The track record of our team (at First Washington Realty, Federal Realty, Divaris Real Estate and Combined Properties) is a tribute to our prior leasing accomplishments and, now together under one roof, we are providing our landlord clients with a collective level of service that is simply not available elsewhere.
  • Getting The Deal Done: Once a deal is in the door, we make certain the deal gets done quickly. As many of you know, "time kills all deals", so we expedite working through issues and processing leases to assure our landlord clients that deals get done.
  • Creative Leasing Solutions: We thrive in leasing "hard to lease" shopping centers by developing creative marketing strategies, space reconfigurations and custom-tailored lease structures to meet the needs of our landlord clients and their prospective tenants. Bottom Line we get deals done, even in a tough market, through hard work, relentless follow up and extraordinary attention to detail.